Aquitaine Landes Récifs

    The Port of Capbreton, through it operating cooperative SIVOM Cote Sud, works with the Aquitaine Landes Reefs association, which immerses artificial reefs in order to study and contribute to the protection of the marine fauna and flora along the Aquitaine coast.

    Carte des sites 2011-2
    Since 1996, three artificial reefs have been set up in the following positions :

    - Capbreton :
    43’39’00″ Nord- 43′ 39′ 2″Nord
    001’28’2″Ouest- 001′ 28′ 5″ Ouest

    - Soustons-Vieux-Boucau :
    42′ 47′ 00″ Nord- 43’46′ 8″ Nord
    001’26′ 6″ Ouest- 001′ 26′ 8″ Ouest

    -Moliets-et-Maa et Messanges :
    43′ 50′ 9″ Nord- 43′ 50′ 7″ Nord
    001’25′ 6″ Ouest- 001′ 25′ 09″ Ouest

    Mooring and commercial fishing, recreational fishing and diving are prohibited on these sites.
    Respecting these measures will allow the richness of our fishing activities to be protected and will allow the practices of commercial fishing and recreational marine activities to be sustained.

    Aquitaine Landes récifs
    Siège social : 501 route de Lestrilles
    Téléphone : 05 58 91 78 44
    Portable : 07 60 12 20 40
    E-mail :
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    Code of good behavior of Capbreton Port’s environment and its surroundings :

    Conservation of the marine environment

    dscn3113-port-CapbretonI shall inform the competent authorities of any pollution or breach of environmental regulations.
    I shall not carry out any illegal fishing and shall respect any regulations and fishing bans.
    I shall respect and protect marine flora and fauna, particularly during breeding season (birds, turtles…).
    I shall respect protected and sensitive natural areas.
    I shall not damage the seabed, particularly when dropping anchor.
    I shall not disturb other users of the marine environment, in particular commercial fishermen, and shall respect rules and regulations of water navigation.
    I shall not buy or use objects made from protected species or archaeological finds.
    I shall encourage other users of the marina to protect the environment.

    Water and Electricity consumption

    I shall only use approved electrical material and shall not leave any appliance plugged in uselessly. Nothing should be left plugged in on an unoccupied boat, except under special dispensation.
    I shall turn off all taps and limit my water consumption to the strict minimum.
    I shall immediately notify the marina authorities of any hazards noticed on the landing stages (leaks, power cuts).

    Household rubbish

    2012 02 23 sanitaire bourret2-port-CapbretonI shall not throw any litter, rubbish or soiled liquids, or any other substance (fish guts or dead fish) into the harbour waters or the sea, and shall not leave any rubbish or objects on any harbour equipment or quay.
    I shall use the rubbish bins and I shall avoid over-filling them.
    I shall recycle my rubbish using the special containers provided around the port.


    At the port, I shall only use land-based toilets reserved for marina users (Harbour-master’s office, Bourret, Pecherie) and shall never use toilets which empty directly into the sea.
    I shall use the sewage pump available at the fuelling station.
    I shall never throw solvents, detergents, oil-based products or other polluting substances in the toilets.

    Wastewater (water from washing and laundry)

    For dishes, laundry and other washing, I shall use the land-based facilities provided by the Port.
    I shall buy biodegradable, natural detergents and washing products.
    I shall use fresh water sparingly.