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    Lake Hossegor is in the village of Soorts-Hossegor, in the Landes department, although the extreme northern tip of the lake is situated in the neighbouring village of Seignosse.

    Lake Hossegor is a marine lake. It empties almost completely when the tide goes out, before filling up again at high tide.

    parcs à huîtres-portCapbretonIt is a vestige of the former estuary of the Adour river and is fed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean through Hossegor canal, which was dug by Napoleon III’s engineer, Mr Bouquet de la Gyre. This former pond became a marine lake in March 1876.

    This is the main attraction of the village. Its 5km perimeter makes a pleasant walk. Explanatory notices are dotted around to help you discover the richness of the local architecture, fauna and flora…
    As well as the beaches, villas and gardens of Soorts-Hossegor, you can also admire the oyster beds at low tide.

    Lake Hossegor is the only oyster farm in the Landes department. The oyster beds are on the bottom of the lake.
    Oysters have been farmed for over 120 years in the lake and the production methods have remained traditional.

    The six oyster farmers on Hossegor Lake each produce about twenty tons of oysters per year. They supply the restaurants around the lake and many other restaurants along the Atlantic coast. They also sell directly to individuals.
    huîtres portCapbretonThe oysters can be bought from the farmers’ stands, either to take away, or to be eaten on the spot.

    Hossegor oysters are a traditionally produced high quality product, with a fleshy texture and an incomparable nutty taste. High levels of phytoplankton give them this original taste.

    You can taste this exceptional product in an authentic setting on the banks of Lake Hossegor.
    On the menu: a tray of oysters, bread, salted butter and white wine!


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    Manager : SIVOM Côte Sud
    Area : 1 km2
    Length : 2.3 km
    Width : 300 m