These pages are mainly for boat users mooring in Capbreton for the first time. You will be warmly welcomed by the harbour master and the port’s team, and will be given a small gift as a token of Landaise hospitality.

    The channel (entrance and exit of marina)

    Access to Capbreton harbour

    For a draft of 2 m.

    Channel access from 2 hours before high tide to 2 hours after high tide. If the weather is bad, access up to one hour after high tide.

    La Digue Nord (43°/39.4 N – 01°/26.9 W) has a red lead light (2é (6s) 13 M – 8 M).

    L’Estacade Sud (south jetty) with a platform submerged at half tide at the end over 30 metres marked by a green light (2é (6s) 9 M – 8 M).

    Access channel from Boucarot leading to the harbour : width of 50 metres.

    How to enter the channel ?

    la passe ill-port-Capbreton


    Where to moor upon arrival ?

    Upon entering the harbour, moor at the first landing stage (pontoon B = arrival stage), on the right after entering, after the fishing port. Please go to the harbour master’s office (Capitainerie) to inform the port agents of your arrival.



    For your stopovers, please contact the harbour master’s office a few days prior to your arrival.